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TVS Motor Launches: Protect Little Riders Campaign

TVS Motor aims to propagate awareness and reduce casualties of children riding pillion.


The sight of children riding pillion without any protection such as helmets or riding gear are a dime a dozen on Indian street. TVS Motors looks to remediate this with their new ‘Protect Little Riders’ campaign. This campaign will be a part of their “#TVSRide4Safety” initiative.

‘Protect Little Riders’ endeavours to bring the safety of children travelling on two-wheelers under the limelight. Majority of adults accompanying children wear a helmet at least but fail to replicate the same with the latter.

TVSM has gone so far as to conduct studies and interactions with parents to identify and mitigate incidents. Their study reveals the following causes behind the absence of protective equipment:

– “Blind Spot – Illusion of safety with vehicle in the parent’s control,

– Blind Spot – Proximity of destination hence lower risk of accidents and

– A Lack of availability of options”

A website specific for ‘Protect Little Riders’ campaign is dedicated to increase cognisance assist parents with the process of selecting an appropriate helmet for a child and.

Expressing views about the campaign, Aniruddha Haldar, Senior VP (Marketing) – Commuters, Corporate Brand & Dealer Transformation, TVS Motor Company “In a nation deeply concerned about its young, the use of helmet for children is still a blind spot. Therefore, we are reaching out to parents to collaborate and change behaviours. The campaign has a straightforward message: (1)Wear a helmet (2)Ensure your child wears a helmet (3)Ride safe.”

Providing insight into the campaign, Subramanyeswar S. (Subbu), Group CEO, MullenLowe Lintas Group & Chief Strategy Officer – APAC, MullenLowe Global, said “‘Protect Little Riders’ is a crusade (and not just another campaign) through which we are putting a spotlight on one of the biggest blind spots on our roads – kids without helmets. There are millions of kids out there in our country going on two- wheelers every day without helmets, Ironically, as parents, we think about the good of the child first in every little aspect, yet here is an unfortunate exception that we don’t find anything wrong with. We are glad that a thought leader like TVS Motor has taken up the cause to bring a serious behavioural change amongst adults to protect children’s lives and create a culture of safety and responsibility.”

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