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Viaterra B100 Balaclava


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Ditch the Helmet Stink: Breathe Easy with ViaTerra’s B100 Balaclava!

Forget swampy head and helmet stench! The ViaTerra B100 Balaclava helmet liner isn’t just any face mask – it’s a game-changer for sweaty rides, keeping you focused on the road, not your uncomfortable head.

  • Optimum skin comfort: Ditch scratchy, bulky balaclavas. The B100 balaclava is made with ultra-soft, breathable fabric that feels like an extension of you, no more helmet stink or irritating seams. Comfort all ride long!
  • Odor-eliminating treatment: Treated with FreshOnTM, that uses natural anti-bacterial properties of silver to neutralize odour causing bacteria. Ride with confidence, heat, or no heat!
  • Moisture-wicking wizard: This balaclava wicks moisture away like magic, keeping you cool and dry even under the hottest sun. No more mid-ride stops to adjust your sweaty headgear!
  • Quick-dry fabric: The B100 balaclava dries quickly after a wash so you are ready for the next day without no hassles.
  • Prevent helmet chafing and irritation: The soft fabric protects your skin from friction, especially in the heat.
  • Maintain Hygiene: Keeps sweat and odor away from your helmet, so it stays clean & comfortable to use everyday.

So ditch the discomfort and embrace the freedom of the ViaTerra B100 Balaclava. It’s a required riding companion for anyone who craves comfort under the Indian sun. The B100 Balaclava comes in a free size fit.

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